Acoustically rockin' your kid's world!





"Doherty writes perfect pop songs for kids: light and breezy."

Laura's Hot Dog song was featured on NPR!!

"Laura Doherty is one of the best artists making music for the preschoolers in your life."

“Laura knows her audience, and her music is fantastic!”

"Doherty has a friendly, warm voice that lives up to multiple listens. 'Heartbeat' is simple and lovely. I love this CD"

"It's a thrill for me to be a part of Laura's new record. 'In a Heartbeat' is music for the whole family - full of beauty and fun."

" 'In a Heartbeat' is an instant mood booster. "

Starred review. "Doherty delivers another hit record with 'In a Heartbeat'!

"This is reassuring music and what it lacks in "edge" it makes up for with the warm fuzzies.  Doherty and producer Rich Rankin have surrounded themselves with musicians who give the songs on 'In a Heartbeat' solid musical footing, unfussy but sophisticated. Definitely recommended."

"From the opening strains of 'I’m a Little Fish', (In a Heartbeat) with its mandolin flavored sound, you know you’re in for a joyful listen through the pleasant melodies and comfortable vocals of Laura Doherty."

"Laura Doherty is one as one of the best things of the decade to happen to Chicago kids."


" 'In a Heartbeat' features swinging verve and tight harmonies"

“Chicago’s pop sweetheart for kids”

"Doherty's music is extremely kid-driven, but enjoyable for the whole family. Kids will listen in a heartbeat!"

"This new album, 'In a Heartbeat' has made itself an early contender for this critic’s list of the year’s top new children’s albums.

"Just as if you’d walked into her classroom, you can feel her warmth and kindness through her music."

 " 'Shining Like a Star' is a must-have for children’s music collections".

"Shining Like a Star" - Rated 4 stars        "Doherty’s true gift—getting even the shyest wallflower to wiggle across the dance floor."

"With the release of her third studio CD, 'In a Heartbeat', Doherty seeks to make further inroads and reach the brains and souls of your kids. She's got more than a decade of musical teaching experience and the chops to create some memorable ditties."

 “ 'In a Heartbeat' provides the perfect balance of fast-paced beats paired with sweet calming songs to evoke in young listeners a varying array of cheerful and lighthearted emotions."

"Kids in the City" rated one of the Top 10 children's CDs of the year 



"A great example of modern urban folk music, featuring the Natalie Merchant-like vibe of Doherty's vocals."